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Funny Dogs Clip

A new compilation of funny dogs pictures slideshow all around the world with funny words.

22421 views 05.16.08(by allen3200 )

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Boner Prank

Really Funny Boner Prank.

21794 views 01.28.10(by cullenscott )

Funny Utube

funny embarassing moment

funny embarassing moment

21617 views 04.06.10(by irishamae )

Funny Utube

Funny Cartoon The Dinosaur

The dinosaur is so funny. But the way, I think the pig is the most funniest character in the video clip. Watch it out.

21302 views 05.14.08(by beklenenadam )

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Thai Yellow Pages

This is a funny video clip about Commercial for Thai Yellow Pages. omg... so funny and unexpected.

20993 views 05.21.08(by chaolin )

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Old lady prank

Watch this old lady set up a prank at the roadside. She is really a best pranker ever. Very funny video clip.

20577 views 05.17.08(by allleyooop )

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Office Girl Naughty

Funny sexy office girl naughty.

20438 views 01.13.10(by marj )

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Real street fight1

This is a funny little karate fighters video clip. Cool kids..keep the family buzz going.

20227 views 05.21.08(by chaolin )

Utube Wrestling

Bloopers From wwe Wrestling

Some unforgetable moments from past wwe experiences

20203 views 08.05.10(by loverish )

Utube Kissing

How To Kiss Use Passionate Tips From howcast

Tips on how to kiss passionatly

19482 views 08.04.10(by loverish )

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Furby Prank Call

Werid Furby goes crazy

19009 views 02.13.08(by gotsit )

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Weight lifting bloopers

Weight lifting bloopers compilation. This is really funny stuff! I think a couple of people had to have been hurt, but funny ne...

18853 views 05.18.08(by vittocatch )