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Air Horn Wake Up

The Best Ever Air Horn Wake UP

13809 views 01.28.10(by cullenscott )

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Statue Guy Scaring Teenage Girl

Statue Guy Scaring Teenage Girl.

13785 views 01.28.10(by cullenscott )

Music tube

Piece Of Shit Car

Maybe Adam Sandlers version of peice of shit car

13780 views 02.13.08(by gotsit )

Funny Utube

Funny Mentos commercial

This is a very humorous MENTOS commercial.

13591 views 05.20.08(by brianstacks )

Funny Utube

Funny kids compilation

The kids are adorable. The funniest compilation of kids acting funny. Very cute.

13573 views 03.10.08(by bob )

Funny Utube

Captain Morgan Viral Ad

A funny Captain Morgan Viral Ad. This is a Ad for Beer. Lame and Funny too.

13568 views 05.21.08(by chaolin )

Funny Utube

Sports Funny Bloopers

This is a sport funny compalation from America's funniest Home Videos. Some of the clip is really funny until I can't stop laug...

13191 views 05.14.08(by rolandgi )

Funny Utube

Flirting Scholar

Funny scene from Flirting Scholar. This movie from stephen chow, funny part video clip.

13153 views 05.20.08(by brianstacks )

Funny Utube

Grandma Hits Car!

This Is So Funny =D

13109 views 05.11.09(by 89 )

Entertainment Utube

Nike Banned Commercials

This commercial ad is from Nike. It's was banned because people complained it was racist. Soccer vs ninjas funny ad video clip.

13095 views 05.14.08(by beklenenadam )

Funny Utube

100 people prank1

This is a really funny video clip about playing prank with the people on the road. Get all your class-mate and try this out, se...

12947 views 05.14.08(by rolandgi )

Funny Utube

The Funniest and Coolest Dance on Earth1

I guess this is the funniest dance on earth. The cool breakdance performance by this guy. Amazing moves and wicked looks.

12913 views 05.14.08(by beklenenadam )