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Funny Utube

Condom Commercial

Very funny clips so exciting

12876 views 01.13.10(by jorish4 )

Automotive Utube

Land Walker from Japan

It's was invented by Japanese. This is a robot called Land Walker. This robot has two legs and two air guns. This video was rec...

12862 views 05.18.08(by vittocatch )

Funny Utube

Shaolin Soccer Japanese Version

so funny.. nobody could think of this except the japanese.

12679 views 03.10.08(by bob )

Sport tube videos

Funny Clip Scared People

Here the clips of scared people

12576 views 01.28.10(by cullenscott )

Funny Utube

Laughing Together

Funny Babies laughing On The Bed

12350 views 03.05.10(by irishone )

Funny Utube

NBA Funny Time

Don't think the NBA players only know about how to play basketball...They do enjoy their life too! This is really a good idea f...

12342 views 05.06.08(by plattino )

Funny Utube

Funny Penguins

This is a very funny computer animation video clip. Watch what the mother Penguin did?

11966 views 03.09.08(by bob )

Music tube

Tudi Butt

She thinks she hot!

11918 views 06.17.09(by nsbtjr )

Funny Utube

Sexy Girl Playing Prank

Funny Sexy Girl Playing Prank

11863 views 01.03.10(by chayrish )

Funny Utube

funny parrot

funny talking parrot

11849 views 11.18.09(by aiishete )

Funny Utube

Vacuum the dog

Natasha loves the vacuum.

11773 views 07.02.09(by )

Entertainment Utube

Sophie dancing to the Hokie Pokie

dancing dog

11688 views 04.13.09(by cderz )