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THE FIRST, ORIGINAL AND BEST 'Chocolate Rain' spoof! You're killing me, I can't breathe. The farts were pretty immature, but th...

15581 views 05.30.08(by weezer )

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Sexy Model Catwalk Catastrophy

This was aired on the news. CATWALK IN FRANCE. How Embarrassing ... top modell topples over ... twice. lol. It's hilarious.

77396 views 05.26.08(by weezer )

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Embarrassing Bikini Line

A funny British sketch comedy show from the Smack the Pony. Anyone love that show? OMG The way she reacts, funniest shit ever!

227644 views 05.26.08(by weezer )

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Most Embarrassing Moments

Here is a hilarious video clip segment from the Crocodile Hunter program showing Steve making various bloopers. Be careful! Don...

91584 views 05.26.08(by weezer )